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Driving tour

自驾车旅游 tour[英][tʊə(r)][美][tʊr] n.旅行,观光; 巡回演出; 任职期; 轮班;

The self-driving tour has become an excellent choice to 自驾游已经成为一个优秀的选择 【百度翻译机翻译】

可以表达多人的,self-driving tour with *** people就可以表达几人一起


England's largest city is like a great wheel, with Piccadilly Circus at its hub and dozens of communities branching out from it. Since London is such a large conglomeration of neighborhoods and areas, each with its own personal...




We were on tour a few summers ago, driving through Chicago, when right outside of the city, we got pulled over. A middle-aged policeman came up to...

On self-drivingTour(tour是可数名词,应改为On the self-drivingTour ) Nowadays, there is a growing concern over the issue that more and more ...

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